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What is mobidoo?
Welcome to Mobidoo (now brighter,bolder and brilliant).After a year and a half of blood, sweat and tears, long nights, take out pasta salads and way too many cups of black coffee, the day has finally arrived. Finally it’s possible for all to make use of Mobidoo´s Location Based Service "MobiTrade". Mobidoo is the portal service name of the mobile commerce service provided by Mobidoo Technologies Ltd. Through mobidoo, consumers anywhere across the globe can sell & buy their gadgets, services or second hand products. Mobidoo offers a long tail of location based mobile services. In a simple, userfriendly web responsive menu, users can transact with all kinds of trading partners across several sectors. Mobidoo is based in London and Gothenburg and is venture funded by its owners. During 2013, we plan to launch the service in a number of countries in Africa and the Far East.
Why Mobitrade?
Mobitrade is a mobile classifieds service.The service allows users to publish classifieds. The main distinction between MT and other classifieds online services is that MT does not require payment on the creation of classifieds, instead a publisher is only required to pay to view to users who has admitted interest for the classified. The other main distinction between MT and other classifieds services is that MT prime target user group is mobile users, and although still allowing for non-mobile devices to access the service, the mobile user experience has therefor been the prime focus.
Publish adds for free
Once registered, a user can publish adds for free by registering as a publisher. Although Mobitrade aims for a fully automated process, Mobidoo has identified a need for a human action in the process and this is to validate a classified before being published. The main reason for this is to minimize the illegal content that otherwise might be published through the service.